6 TB Admin Minutes February 17, 2016


Breed, Doty, Lakewood, Mountain, Riverview and Townsend

January 6, 2016-Minutes

Townsend Town Hall

Called to order by: Chairman, Mike Grobe

Roll Call:
1.) Breed
2.) Doty-Bob Gaie
3.) Lakewood-Joanne Roy
4.) Mountain-Cheryl Ustianowski
5.) Riverview-Ann Hogan
6.) Townsend-Mike Grobe

Others in attendance: Terry Schrank, Andrew Stemp, Bruce Charlier, Steve Hakama, Al Lauterborn, Mike Rzepka, Nick Wilson, Dave Christianson, Randy Jackett, Rob McClain, Lee Spletter, Andy Seibert, John, VandenLangberg, Chris Schultz and Rick Opiela
February 17, 2016 meeting called to order at 6:32 p.m. Cheryl Ustianowski. Approval of most recent minutes 1st Hogan, 2nd Grobe

1.) Discussion of Aspirus Meeting-Hogen
2.) Fire Departments researched Fire Districts,to be continued
3.) Questions and Answers with Consultants-Will return will complete Presentation
4.) Discussion on Data and Graphs were Tabled
5.) Discussion on Models and Future Directions Tabled

Other business:
1.) Next Meeting-March 16, 2016, Wednesday at Riverview,Town Hall at 5:30 p.m.
Motion to Adjourn

Respectfully Submitted

Adriane Bartels, Secretary

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