6 TB Mtg Minutes May 15, 2013

6-town Meeting

Breed, Doty, Lakewood, Mountain, Riverview & Townsend

May 15, 2013

Meeting opened at 6:30pm at the Doty Town Hall 14899 County Trunk T by Chairman Dick Kendall. Kendall opened the meeting with an invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call: Breed-Richard VanDeWettering, Ethel Firgens; Doty-Dick Kendall, Mark Dodge; Lakewood-Lee Spletter, Loren Nelson, Gary Weyers, Adriane Bartels; Mountain-Tony Uecke, Al Lauterborn; Riverview-Ann Hogan, Dick Booth, Michael Rzepka, Paal Hansen, Ted Hughes; Townsend-Bruce Karow, Carla Van Camp, Joanne Jones, Bill Dutton, Dan Benoit OCEDC Nancy Rhode & Samantha Routheau and 6-Town Secretary, Pam Bursek.

February 25, 2013 minutes & were approved by Uecke, 2nd by Booth & all were in favor.

OCEDC reps, Rhode & Routheau explained the importance of community & Municipality involvement with the Chambers to help promote tourism. OCEDC is also looking into a mobile app to include dining, lodging, trail & lake conditions. Rhode would like to see municipalities & people get involved in the Lakewood Area Chamber of Commerce. Rhode also did OCEDC report stating snowmobile/ATV clubs are now siding together to help communities with trails & signage & the need for more possible hospitality lodging.

Mark Dodge talked about marketing & LTE technology, the need for fiber optics in the north woods and possible costs. Dodge would like municipalities to come up with other businesses that would like to be involved in faster internet & contact him. More businesses would reduce costs for everyone.

Towns talked about options for the possibility of rescinding the library law. Mountain resident, Ted Hughes & towns had a lengthy discussion and towns settled on waiting to see what transpires after attending the OC meeting Thursday, June 2nd.   Item is tabled.

Karow tabled the letter to Don DeCoster until he reads the Satellite Office contract & comes up with a letter to let DeCoster know Town’s will not be re-signing the next contract for the Satellite Office.   Karow also mentioned not having a game plan in place & contract is still 2 years out.

The jail referendum was discussed. Since OC will not be putting it out as a referendum, towns settled on contacting OC Reps, gathering information and attending the OC meeting Thursday, June 2nd. Bursek will forward all correspondence to the 6-Town email list. Item is tabled.

Karow mentioned anyone interested in borrowing any newly acquired 1033 Program equipment from Townsend will work out charges as needed.

Paal Hansen mentioned the County has a full listing of all county variances on the County website.

Humane Officer issues were brought up regarding James Bubb. Some towns are having issues with him & Bubb is also requesting the possibility of carrying a stun gun & getting paid for attending meetings he is asked to come too. Kendall would like to ask Bubb to next meeting, Eucke would like to have a job description in place on paper. Item will be tabled until Bubb can attend next meeting.

Other business: Uecke-Tracy’s Place is opening in Mountain; Kendall-Doty is opening all roads to ATV’s; Jones-asked what requirements do towns have for Hwy workers, other towns follow federal guidelines.

Next meeting will be in Riverview, but date & time will be determined following County meeting regarding library & jail issues.

Lauterborn motioned to adjourn meeting, Uecke 2nd; all were in favor. Meeting adjourned at 9:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Pamela J. Bursek, 6-Town Secretary

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