6TB Minutes Sept 12, 2012

6-Town Meeting
Breed, Doty, Lakewood, Mountain, Riverview & Townsend
September 12, 2012 

Meeting opened at 6:30pm at the Lazanski Community Center in Mountain by Chairman Tony Uecke with the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call: Breed-VanDerWetting. Doty-Kendall. Lakewood-Roy, Bartels. Mountain-Uecke, Wirth. Riverview-Hogan, Trosch, Booth, Hansen. Townsend-Rapp, Karow, Dutton, Bursek, Brantmeier. Guest speakers: Sheriff Mike Jansen and Kevin Hamann, Oconto County Administrative Coordinator.

Agenda was approved by Hogan, Booth 2nd, all were in favor MC. July 17, 2012 6-Town Meeting minutes were approved by Hanson, 2nd by Kendall, all were in favor MC.

Oconto County Sheriff Michael Jansen spoke on the usage of the police officers at the Satellite Office and the definite usage of having some sort of building, preferably with a garage or storage building.

Kevin Hamann, Oconto County Administrative Coordinator, spoke with the Towns on the Brown County Library issues.

Rapp mentioned receiving amounts for Towns to purchase the existing Satellite building in Townsend. Towns were going to check into a lease that was mentioned in the letter. Wirth presented possible new building options with donated land. Bartels informed Towns of already pre-existing buildings in Lakewood, one of them being the old What A Gas property. Possibility of having County be a 6th partner in the payments/rent of a building was also mentioned. (Doty, Lakewood, Mountain, Riverview and Townsend split the rent now, Breed does not contribute) These options will be further looked into and discussed at next meeting.

Hogan let the Towns know the new Humane Officer, Bubb, will be attending training and will be inviting him to a 6-Town meeting soon for introduction.

No new business up-dates.

Brantmeier gave an update on the OCEDC stating the Annual Meeting was last month and new/re-elected officers were introduced. Tourism is up 8%-11% which equals $565/household if tourism would not be a factor. OCEDC plans on making a big push to increase tourism over the next year.

Other business: Brantmeier would like to invite Tom Tallier to speak on National Forest Harvesting at the next meeting.

Next meeting will be in Breed, Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 6:30pm.

Booth motioned to adjourn, Roy 2nd, all were in favor, MC.

Respectfully submitted,

Pamela J. Bursek, 6-Town Secretary

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