6TB Mtg July 17, 2012

6-Town Meeting
Breed, Doty, Lakewood, Mountain, Riverview & Townsend
July 17, 2012


Meeting opened at 6:30 pm by chairperson Hogan with Pledge of Allegiance.  Roll call: Riverview-Ann Hogan, Harlan Trosch, Dick Booth, Paal Hansen.  Breed-Larry Zimmerman.  Doty-Dick Kendall.  Lakewood-Roy,Spletter, Weyers, Bartels, Nelson.  Mountain-Wirth,Uecke. Townsend-Rapp, Dutton, Karow, Bursek. Guests-Skip & Ann Maletzke Spur of the Moment Ranch, Paul Ehfurth OCEDC, Dave Christianson County Board 31 & Humane Officer Michael Rzepka.

April 26, 2012 6-Town meeting minutes were approved by Spletter, Rapp 2nd all approved MC.

OC Dist Attorney canidate, Brent DeBord was not present to give an introduction.

Skip & Ann Maletzke, Spur of the Moment Ranch gave a presentation on the economic impact of travelers, tourism and marketing and tourism by industry.

Paul Ehfurth, OCEDC Exc Director, gave an introduction of himself and his new approach to stimulating economic growth in Oconto County.

Humane Officer, Michael Rzepka, spoke with the Towns about replacement Humane Officer.  Hogan will work with Rzepka to place a four (4) week ongoing ad in the Oconto County Reporter/Beacon & the Pioneer.  An ad will be emailed to the Towns to put locally at their posting places.

A letter from Kevin Hamann regarding the rent at the Satellite Office was discussed.  Dave Christianson said County might be able to contribute to the rent or possibily all IF the rent was lower.  Sue Rapp spoke with owner Donald DeCoster and he said rent usually goes up, not down, but could lower rent by $100.  Towns were going to check into possibilities of new building or renting somewhere else.  Rapp will ask DeCoster if there’s an optionto purchase existing building.

Towns mentioned new businesses opening back up; the Winery in Lakewood, Wirth’s veg stand and gift store in Mountain & Grey Goose in Townsend.

Other business: Bill Dutton asked if any Town’s Comp Plan’s had additional paperwork surveyors submit other than the required papers from the county and the Town recommendation form.  No one did.

Lee Sletter motioned to have the next meeting at Mountain Community Building on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 6:30pm, rapp 2nd all were in favor MC.

Rapp motioned to adjourn meeting, Dick Booth 2nd all were in favor MC.  Meeting adjourned  at 8:25pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Pamela J. Bursek, Secretary

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