6TB Mtg March 15, 2012

6-Town Meeting Minutes
Breed, Doty, Lakewood, Mountain, Riverview & Townsend
March 15, 2012 

Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call.  Present: Lakewood: Roy & Haberstein; Doty: Kendall; Breed: VanWettering;  Riverview: Booth & Paal Hansen; Townsend: Rapp, Karow & Bursek; Mountain:         all were absent.  Others: Humane Officer Michael Rzepka, Wabeno Chief of Police & Townsend OIC, Michael Ashbeck and Townsend resident, James Weyers.

Meeting opened at 6:36pm by Chairperson Roy.
January 18, 2012 Agenda approved with motion from Booth/Rapp 2nd/all were in favor.
Minutes approved with motion from Booth/Rapp 2nd/ all were in favor.

Humane Officer Rzepka spoke on Officer’s duties, abilities to write tickets, hours/mileage, repeat offenders/ concealed weapons and amounts of fines.  Roy suggested everyone gather all animal ordinances and the 6 Towns come up with one ordinance and possible fine increases.

Bursek read a letter from Ann Hogan regarding the Tornado System Warning Grant.  System does not look like it will be strong enough for all the Towns.  Rapp will check with Fire Chief Rick Opiela on the Townsend fire alarm.

Haberstein (Lakewood) headed a committee consisting of Doty-Kendal, Townsend-Karow, Riverview-Booth and Mountain-Tony, to look at/discuss/recommend options for the Satellite Office.  Many options were talked about and committee recommended to stay in existing building.  There would be high costs to move security system and County is fine with building also.  All towns were in favor (excluding Mountain who did not attend) of that recommendation.  Haberstein suggested writing a letter to Oconto County to possibly pay the rent or a portion of. All were in favor. Letter recommendation will be on next meeting.

Rapp mentioned a letter of gratitude should be written and signed by all Towns for Pete Hansen for all his years as Chair for Town of Doty.  Rapp motioned Ann Hogan could write letter/Roy 2nd/all were in favor.

Karow heard road work will be done on Archibald Lake in Doty and wondered if Towns could get together to combine work for possible cheaper prices.  Most Towns do let others know if it involves other Towns.  Hopefully money can be saved by doing this.

Roy asked if Clerk’s could get together and let other Clerk’s know if an Operators License is denied in a Town.  Bursek replied absolutely.  Emails can be sent out to inform them of this.  Bursek sent Clerk’s an email letting them know this 03/21/2012.

Wabeno Chief of Police/Townsend OIC Michael Ashbeck spoke on the K-9 Units and donations that are needed.  Ashbeck reported K9 units sniff for drugs, find missing persons, do search & rescues and vehicle searches.  Units are called in to help other communities when needed.  Cost of 1 dog was $13,500.00 and they are down to lees than $1,500.00 in their fund.  Officers will be doing fund raisers this year and receive most of their donations from civic orgs and churches but asking Towns donations.  Officer Ashbeck thanked Towns and mentioned he will come to any meetings or organizations for demonstration.

OCEDC report written by Hogan and read by Bursek- a compiled monthly community activity calendar is electronically sent to chambers and business associations.  Towns agreed Hogan should give a presentation on tourism next meeting.

Other business-James Weyers asked Towns if they knew going with the 18805 Hwy 32 location would double their size of the building for no extra cost/month?  Haberstein said they knew and OC didn’t want to move either.

Paal Hansen then mentioned getting a Harmful Exotic Animals Ordinance in place for all the Towns.  Towns will look at Stat 169.43 and decide if this is something they should do.

Doty will host next meeting on Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 6:30pm at the Doty Town Hall 14899 County Road T.

Booth motioned to adjourn/Karow 2nd/unanimously carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Pamela J. Bursek, Secretary

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