6TM Mtg Minutes January 15, 2013

6-Town Meeting
Breed, Doty, Lakewood, Riverview & Townsend
January 15, 2013 

Meeting opened at 6:30pm at the Townsend Town Hall by Chairperson Susan Rapp with the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call: Breed-Richard VandeWettering & Ethel Firgens; Doty-Richard Kendall; Lakewood-Lee Spletter, Greg Weyers & Gigi Bartels; Mountain-David Wirth; Riverview-Ann Hogan, Dick Booth, Paal Hansen & Harlan Trosch; Townsend, Susan Rapp, Bruce Karow, Bill Dutton & Pamela Bursek. Others in attendance: James Bubb, Humane Officer; Pam Ellingson & Paul Schumacher, Lakewood Library; townspeople Jim & Sandy Bursek.

October 24, 2012 minutes & current agenda was approved by Trosch, 2nd by Kendall with numerical adjustments on agenda, all were in favor, MC.

Humane Officer, James Bubb introduced himself-his cell number (715)-850-2299.

Schumacher, Ellingson, Hogan & others discussed Library issues. A committee of Hogan, Kendall & Dutton will come up with a resolution/letters to try to change the library law. Will present at next meeting.

Hogan-asked Towns if they wanted to get involved in a possible D.N.R. Grant for brush sites & would like to get something together for 2014-if anyone is interested, talk to Hogan.

County Satellite update-Hogan spoke with Jeff Mursau & the contract from Don DeCoster is legal & there isn’t a way to get out of it. Wirth would like to see Towns jointly purchase a building in Mountain, with electric/well/septic for approx. $40K; Rapp suggested a user fee for anyone using facility who is not involved in paying rent for building. Hogan motioned Rapp write a letter to DeCoster to let him know all Towns will not be re-upping the contract with him for the Satellite building next time, Wirth 2nd, all were in favor MC. Rapp will write letter and Chairs will sign at next 6-Town meeting.

Karow handed out an equipment list from the 1033 Program that Townsend has now acquired. He said the equipment is here and could be issued to Towns in case of emergencies or if equipment is needed for projects. Hogan asked about the fees to use-Rapp replied they will come up with a plan for towns to help pay for maintenance.

Greg Weyers spoke about a possible wireless corridor or mobile trailers for events/buildings in the area. Splash pages would help with local advertising, wireless availability would help bring people to local events/establishments & keep people connected. Weyers would like to see O.C.E.D.C. get involved & Hogan said leadership must come from Townships.

Paal Hansen spoke with Jamie Broem & clerks are now getting notices of County Variances. Patrick Virtues would like to have all Towns give him feedback; even it’s to say there is no opinion. Dutton would like to see physical addresses on all variances, Hansen will mention to County.

There was no Humane Officer update, no other business, no O.C.E.D.C. update & no public comment. Kendall introduced John Francis as the new Doty Supervisor who replaced Jenny O’Brian.

Next meeting will be at the Lakewood Administrative Building on Monday, February 25, 2013 at 6:30pm.

Karow motioned to adjourn, Booth 2nd, all were in favor MC. Meeting adjourned at 8:14pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pamela J. Bursek, 6-Town Secretary

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