Annual Meeting Minutes April 16, 2013



The Annual Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Uecke at 7:00 p.m. pursuant to WI SS 60.11(1) with 9 voting elector attendees and 1 non resident. Registration is by poll list pursuant to WI SS 60.11(7).

Pursuant to WI SS 60.41 the 121st Annual Financial Statement is presented and reviewed by Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Anderson. Motion to accept by Glenn Bellin. Seconded by Dave Rohloff. 9 yes; 0 opposed   Motion carried.

Open Book and board of review will be scheduled for sometime in July. A request for Board of Review alternates resulted in Floyd Schmidt and Laura Anderson.

Next year is the time for Election Board Member appointments. Request for anyone interested in serving resulted in Evelyn Charlson and Wayne Pennings.

General concerns addressed included:
–          Al Lauterborn discussed his concern with the Business Park Lots not selling. Discussion led into the possible hiring of a local realtor to advertise the existing for sale lots. Motion to ask the Board to hire a local realtor to advertise existing for sale lots by Lauterborn. Seconded by Dave Rohloff. 9 yes; 0 opposed. Motion carried.
–          Nick Wilson stated he wanted to be considered for Town Constable/Code Enforcer should the town decide to ever approve one. Discussion led into the job duties of a constable, what would entail to get one and how current ordinances are enforced. Motion to ask the Board to consider approving a Town Constable/Code Enforcer with consideration of Nick Wilson by Floyd Schmidt. Seconded by Wayne Pennings. 9 yes; 0 opposed. Motion Carried.

Motion to adjourn by Glen Bellin. Seconded by Al Lauterborn. 9 yes; 0 opposed. Motion carried. Time is 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted for approval by,
Laura Anderson, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer


Glenn Bellin
Evelyn Charlson
Barbara Pennings
Wayne Pennings
Dave Rohloff
Sally Rohloff
Floyd Schmidt
Nicholas Wilson
Sup. Al Lauterborn
Sup. Tony Uecke
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Laura Anderson

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