Annual Mtg Minutes April 15, 2014



The Annual Meeting was called to order by Chairman Hull at 7:00 p.m. pursuant to WI SS 60.11(1) with 6 voting elector attendees and 1 non resident. Registration is by poll list pursuant to WI SS 60.11(7).

2013 Annual Meeting Minutes are available for review. Motion to accept by Jerry Herman. Seconded by Floyd Schmidt. 6 Ayes; 0 opposed. Motion carried.

Pursuant to WI SS 60.41 the 122nd Annual Financial Statement is presented and reviewed by Clerk/Treasurer Kauzlaric. Motion to accept by Floyd Schmidt. Seconded by Tony Uecke. 6 Ayes; 0 opposed   Motion carried.

Open Book and board of review will be scheduled for sometime in late June or early July. A request for Board of Review alternates resulted in Floyd Schmidt and Laura Anderson.

General concerns addressed included:

–          Robby McClain stated he has someone to attend the next Town Board Meeting to discuss plating a tree for the Town where the other tree died; requested to be added to the next Town Board Agenda.

–          Floyd Schmidt asked how the Town Constable position is progressing; Chairman Hull discussed need to find someone appropriate to fill position; need to update Ordinances and create job position.

–          Edith Schmidt asked how the Town of Mountain got it’s name; a few comments from stories heard were mentioned but no one knew for sure.

Motion to adjourn by Robby McClain. Seconded by Edith Schmidt. 6 Ayes; 0 opposed. Motion carried. Time is 7:24 p.m.

Respectfully submitted for approval by,


Lynn Kauzlaric, Clerk/Treasurer




Evelyn Charlson

Glenn Charlson

Robby McClain

Edith Schmidt

Floyd Schmidt

Sup. Tony Uecke

Chairman Jerry Hull

Clerk/Treasurer Lynn Kauzlaric



Al Heffner

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