Annual Town Mtg April 19, 2016




The Annual Meeting was called to order by Chairman Hull at 7:00 p.m. pursuant to WI SS 60.11(1) with 6 voting elector attendees. Registration is by poll list verification pursuant to WI SS 60.11(7).

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes are available for review. Motion to accept by Allan Lauterborn. Seconded by Floyd Schmidt. 6 Ayes; 0 opposed. Motion carried.

Pursuant to WI SS 60.41 the 124th Annual Financial Statement is presented and reviewed by Clerk/Treasurer Kauzlaric. Motion to accept by Jerry Herman. Seconded by Jim Vorphal. 6 Ayes; 0 opposed Motion carried.

Open Book and Board of Review will be scheduled for sometime in late June or early July. A request for Board of Review alternates resulted in Floyd Schmidt.

General concerns addressed included:
– Jerry Herman discussed road issues and Town Board need to look at possibility of raising taxes in the future.
– Jim Vorphal discussed road work was mentioned for Crescent Drive; he stated there are 3 layers of black top currently on this road; Chairman Hull stated this road would not receive an overlay, pulverizing would be a possible option but no plans have been made for this year to date.
– Floyd Schmidt questioned when South Shore Drive was scheduled to be paved; Chairman Hull stated that this work will be completed in late July or August as Oconto County switched our LRIP funds to the 2017 fiscal year which starts July 1st.
– Jerry Herman questioned if there were funds in the budget this year to complete the brushing along town roads; Chairman Hull said that they would be looking into the budget but hoped it would be completed.

Motion to adjourn by Floyd Schmidt. Seconded by Jerry Herman. 6 Ayes; 0 opposed. Motion carried. Time is 7:29 p.m.

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