Cemetery Comm Mtg Minutes Feb 4, 2013

Towns of Riverview, Doty and Mountain
Special Cemetery Meeting
February 4, 2013

Meeting called to order by Chairman Tony Uecke. John Francis (Town of Doty) and John Vandenlangenberg (Sexton) present. Town of Riverview absent. Time is 9:07am.

Pledge of Allegiance is said.

Chairman Uecke stated the purpose of the meeting was to discuss buying a new mower for the cemetery. The cemetery is in great need of a new tractor mower. Gendron’s of Coleman offered the town’s the following quote: An X300-38x Mower priced at $2,999, a trade in value of our current mower deck of $719.80 and a $500.00 John Deere discount for a grand total of $1,779.20. After a small discussion, Motion by Uecke to accept the offer and bring to the 3 town boards for their approval. Money will come out of the contingency fund set up by the Cemetery previously. Seconded by Francis. Motion Carried.

On a side note, Sexton Vandenlangenberg discussed that the cemetery will need some restoration in the spring due to the many winter burials the cemetery has had already. He stated the land gets torn up during this process.

Motion to adjourn by Uecke, seconded by Francis. Time is 9:18am.

Submitted by: ________________________________________
Laura Anderson, Town of Mountain Deputy Clerk

Posted: February 4th  2013

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