MAS Comm Minutes May 15, 2014

Mountain Ambulance Service Commission
Regular Meeting of Commissioners
May 15th 6:30 pm
Mountain Ambulance Station

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by Vice Chairman Hull.

Commission Members Present:

Riverview: Judy Wanner

Mountain: Jerry Hull, Kathleen McKee

Doty: Bob Gaie, Ruth Dehne

MAS: Mike Pichotta

Dick Booth Absent

A quorum was present.

Administrators Present: MAS Administrator Chris Schultz

Citizens Present: Matt Miller (MAS)

Minutes of the January 16th, 2014 Commission Meeting: Minutes were corrected to show that Ruth Dehne was present at the meeting. Motion by Kathleen McKee, second by Judy Wanner to approve the minutes as presented. Motion approved.

Meeting Posting: Chris Schultz verified the agenda had been sent to the three towns for posting.

Unfinished Business:

AEMT Level Update: Neither student in the AEMT course that was held in Kewaunee passed the National Registry testing. Of the seven students in the Mountain AEMT course, two failed the State exam and the remaining five still need to pass the National Registry testing.

FEMA Grant: Nothing new to report. The grant is still open.

New Business:

Plow Truck: Chris reported that the plow truck needs to be replaced. Jerry stated that the Town of Mountain is going to replace a small plow vehicle and the old vehicle “MAY” be available for MAS.

Lights and Siren Policy: Chris reported that with increased traffic levels and ATV’s on town roads, some members are being delayed when responding to the station in the personal vehicles. MAS now has a policy (110107-07) that prohibits the use of lights and sirens in personal vehicles. Chris will develop a new policy for the use of lights and sirens on personal vehicles and present it at a future Commissioners meeting.

Charging for Event Standbys: Chris expressed concern over the increasing number of standby ambulances at area events. There is a considerable cost to MAS to provide this service. Chris will develop a new policy that allows for charging for this type of service.

Loss of EMTs: Chris expressed concern over the difficulties in recruiting and retaining EMTs. With a limited population base and increased hours of training required, recruitment will become more difficult in the future. Chris will provide information for discussion at the next Town Board meeting. In addition, Chris will organize a task force to come up with recommendations for possible solutions.

Adjournment: With no additional business to come before the Commission, Vice Chairman Hull adjourned the meeting at 7:25pm

Upcoming Meetings:

August 14, 2014 6:30 pm  Regular Commission Meeting

October 2, 2014 6:30 pm   Regular Commission Meeting

Minutes submitted by Secretary Bob Gaie

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