Public Hearing Nov 12, 2013


The Public Hearing was called to order on November 12, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. at the Town of Mountain Town Office by Chairman Hull.

Present were:   Town of Mountain Board Members-Hull, Uecke and Lauterborn; Mark Teuteberg, Oconto County Surveyor; Clerk Kauzlaric and 21 citizens.

Chairman Hull opened Public Hearing with brief explanation of issues found with overlapping property lines. He introduced Mark Teuteberg, Oconto County Surveyor to review information with everyone present at the Public Hearing.

Mark Teuteberg, Oconto County Surveyor, commented on the 2 Town Board meetings he attended (which were the August 13, 2013 meeting to address an issue that a resident had on N. Anderson Lake Lane; other was the September 10, 2013 Town Board Meeting to discuss Assessors Plat). Mark explained that when surveys are completed there are State Statutes to follow with ways of measurements. Also commented that individuals typically know property lines, but with properties being financed that mortgage companies need to know actual boundaries. Options for legal description correction include: 1-Property Owners can work out property discrepancies on their own; 2- Go to court and hire an attorney; 3-Assessors Plat; which a survey of the entire area is conducted; they map the properties; speak with property owners to verify/resolve boundary issues. Mark reviewed maps and information gathered for Town Board showing area that needs correction. Mark gave brief summary of process for Assessors Plat, which when completed it becomes Public Record, is reviewed by State and County, comes back to the Town and is open for 30 days for public review/comment. When Assessors Plat is completed, this would be recorded as legal record and properties legal description would include Lot #’s of Assessors Plat XYZ. Mark reviewed process to distribute cost of Assessors Plat to property owners based on Land Value (spreadsheet of property owners and land values within information provided).

Questions/comments and > information provided:

–          Adverse Possession doesn’t mean anything? > Mark explained that Adverse Possession is a tool (like a deed), but something that the courts award based on information provided to a Judge to be legal document of record.

–          Why did this come up now after all these years? > County has been aware of issues for several years; land owner needed Survey completed; tried to work this out which would have taken numerous transactions to figure out; explained issue with doing Certified Survey Maps to complete and need for Assessors Plat.

–          Someone has an issue and we are all getting dragged into it and paying for it? > Issues exist and need to be resolved.

–          This meeting should have taken place when cottage owners could be present. > Mark discussed that he has received emails and phone calls from individuals that were unable to attend to inquire about information; Town of Mountain also received about a dozen emails with inquiries.

–          Determine County owned properties or is that listed with “XXX” > Mark reviewed parcel map showing parcels listed with XXX, which are properties that County is unaware of owner; these owner’s will be located and property value will be determined by town Assessor, which value will be placed on County owned land and will pay their portion of costs.

–          Questioned differences in assessed land values. > That needs to be discussed with Town Assessor at Open Book.

–          Cost? > Bids received will be opened, voted on by Town Board; town may decide to add cost for mailings, advertising, etc.; total cost will be divided among property owners based on land assessed values.

–          Question regarding how discrepancies of property lines are handled? > Assessors Plat is not recorded until property owners agree on findings from surveyor that are mapped and land owners agree on property lines.

–          After survey is complete, what happens? > Surveyor works with property owners to determine lot lines; maps Assessors Plat.

–          Who follows up to make sure completed and recorded? > Assessors Plat is recorded in Register of deeds office as legal description; then legal description will be Lot #__ of ____Assessors Plat.

–          Timeframe for completion? > Bids have cost and suggested time frame

–     Is there a cost of getting a new Title? > Assessors Plat is new deed of record and used if you wish to sell property.

Clerk Kauzlaric presented 2 bids received (Hugh Guy, Jr.; Northeast Surveying and Mau & Associates). Bids were opened and read. Chairman Hull asked if there were any questions on bids. Only question was regarding name of 1st bid (Hugh Guy, Jr). Request to calculate cost per $1,000 based on bids received (around $13.00/$1,000 based on highest bid).

Chairman Hull asked for a show of hands for citizens in favor/against for Town Board information as they will discuss possible award of contract at the Town Board Meeting following Public Hearing at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Lynn Kauzlaric
Town Clerk/Treasurer

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