TB Minutes August 13, 2013



The meeting was called to order by Chairman Hull at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Office. Roll call was taken with Hull, Uecke, Lauterborn and Kauzlaric present, as well as 18 in attendance. The agenda was posted on August 12, 2013. Chairman Hull discussed Amendment to Agenda to add Dusty Trails ATV Club to Item #16 – Donations. Motion to approve the agenda with Amendment by Lauterborn. Seconded by Uecke. Motion carried. The Pledge of Allegiance is said.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Kauzlaric with bank statements available for review. Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by Hull. Seconded by Uecke. Motion carried. 

Minutes of the Town Board meeting held July 9, 2013 were available for review. Motion to accept minutes by Lauterborn. Seconded by Hull. Motion carried.


Minutes of the Board of Review meeting held July 30, 2013 were available for review. Motion to accept minutes by Lauterborn. Seconded by Hull. Motion carried. 

Budget Amendments – none at this time.


Disbursements were available for all to review; checks #21059 to and including #21106 for disbursement of $41,867.51, which includes auto withdrawal of payroll taxes. Motion to accept by Uecke. Seconded by Lauterborn. Motion carried.

Ambulance Report –meeting held August 8th – working on Advanced EMT Level, FEMA Grant and part-time position to be filled. No motions are entertained.


Fire Department Report – report given by Chief Harkema with 2 calls; discussed points of letter received from anonymous tax payer regarding sale of ATV – specialty equipment utilized to bring Fire Dept members out of woods (Chief Harkema stated this was an EMT task and ATV could not be used for this); Chief Harkema discussed that DNR is in charge of Forest Fires, we are supplemental to them and they have equipment necessary to fight fires; in fire service they would like fire fighters working in pairs and with ATV this is not possible; there is a brush truck and HUMVE available; safety concern with heavy weight on front end; Chief Harkema would like to use funds received from sales for a piece of equipment that would better serve the Town; Chairman Hull discussed that the Town appreciates the donation but for fire & rescue the Fire Chief knows more about equipment needs for safety; Sup. Lauterborn stated that at the Fire Dept meeting he attended the firefighters also agreed to put money to better use for a different piece of equipment; Sup. Uecke also approves of sale. No motions are entertained.

Humane Officer Report is given by Humane Officer Bubb with 19 calls for the month of July. No motions are entertained.


Cemetery Report – Sup. Uecke has no report at this time. No motions are entertained.

Planning Commission Report
Overlap in Deeds – N. Anderson Lake Lane – Jess from Northeast Surveying available to explain situation with Overlap in deeds with several properties; Mark Tueteberg, Oconto County Surveyor, available to explain process for Surveyor’s Plat; Mark suggested he sit down with Jess to discuss area that has deed issues because he has done some work for property owner; Mark can then present to Town Board area that needs to be surveyed. Motion that we move forward with action on this by Uecke. Seconded by Lauterborn. Motion carried.

– Application for Land Division – C. Yokeum – Jess from Northeast Surveying available to explain Land Division for possible rental or sale; Jess spoke with Oconto County regarding buildings on property line if land division approved; due to both properties zoned Commercial there is no need for variances; only need to rezone section of property currently zoned Residential; Sup. Uecke questioned acreage of parcels. Motion to accept Land Division by Hull. Seconded by Lauterborn. Motion carried.


– Application for Rezone – C. Yokeum – Jess from Northeast Surveying available to answer questions for Rezone. Motion to accept by Lauterborn. Seconded by Uecke. Motion carried.

6 Town Board Meeting Discussion – Sup. Lauterborn attended July 24th meeting; next meeting to be held in Mountain on September 25th; letter to property owners of Satellite Office that is rented was reviewed and revisions suggested; Crime Stoppers had presentation for Neighborhood Watch and looking for people to join; discussed sending 1 representative from 6 Towns to Oconto County Farmland Preservation Ad-Hoc Planning Advisory Committee (Supervision from Townsend volunteered and will report to Town Clerks). No motions are entertained.


Communication File is reviewed and list is signed.

Annual Meeting – Town Constable/Code Enforcer – Sup. Uecke spoke with Mark Roberts who is Town of Ledgeview Code Enforcement Officer (also for 2 other Towns) and Constable for Town of Silver Cliff; he forwarded job description and discussed that he may to teaching class at NWTC this fall for this type of position; also spoke with Town of Plymouth, which has 1 Chairperson and 2 Supervisors-and one Supervisor takes care Road Maintenance contact and the Supervisor takes care of Ordinance Officer; need to update Ordinance and adopt Code of Ordinances; sample of Town of Dayton Resolution; suggestion to get someone outside of town to reduce conflicts; equipment needs minimal due to no arrest powers. Tabled for further research.


Construction/Occupancy Deposit Agreement – Chairman Hull contacted Duff Leaver regarding any issues in the Town of Mountain, which he stated we didn’t; other Towns adopted because they may have issues; Sup. Uecke does not believe we have a problem but keep for future reference if issue does arise. Motion to not do anything with this until such time that something comes up until we need to address it by Lauterborn. Seconded by Uecke. Hull abstained. Motion carried.

Letter of Support request from Chute Lake P&R Dist #1 – Sup. Lauterborn stated that Aquatic Invasive Species Control Grant ends this year; need to reapply for another grant and DNR requests letter of support from Town, businesses and town residents. Motion that the Town sends a letter of support by Uecke. Seconded by Hull. Motion carried.


Donation – MABA & Dusty Trails ATV Club – Town received $500 donation from MABA & $300 donation from Dusty Trails ATV Club to be used towards the purchase of ATV Route signs. Motion to accept MABA donation by Lauterborn. Seconded by Uecke.  Motion carried. Motion to accept Dusty Trails ATV Club donation by Hull. Seconded by Lauterborn. Motion carried.

Request for exemption to ride ATV in ditch (Pavlat to Weller Road) – Chairman Hull explained that to get access on State or County Highways a request needs to be made from Town; this does not open road but ability to ride right-of-way; at Public Hearing other access possibilities were also brought up; Chairman Hull has checked with DNR and Sheriff’s Dept which state that State Highways are harder to get access but not impossible. Motion to move forward and check with DNR on these requests by Uecke. Seconded by Hull. Motion carried.


Hearing of the People brought about concerns relating to replacement for Joe Paul in our area; amount paid per mile for reimbursement for town employees; question amount of mileage paid to Humane Officer; Jim Bubb spoke with other Humane Officer from class regarding hours of service (hours are 7 am – 8 pm and after hours add charges-suggestion to 6 Towns Board); when ditches will be mowed; question if chipper is being used; total cost of ATV signs; Silver Hill Lane needs Dead End road sign; can Town take private donations towards cost of ATV signs; posting of signs for no ATV access on Cemetery Road; road work on John Lane.

Chute Lake Dist. Annual Meeting, Saturday, August 17th 9:00 a.m. @ Community Center
Planning Commission Tuesday, September 3rd 7:00 p.m. @ Town Office
Town Board Meeting Tuesday, September 10th 7:00 p.m. @ Town Office
6 Towns Board Meeting, Wednesday, September 25th 6:30 p.m. @ Mountain Community Center 

Fire Dept Employee Issue – Closed Session
Motion to adjourn into Closed Session per WI SS 19.85(1)(b) by Hull. Seconded by Uecke. Motion carried.
Time is 8:10 p.m.

Reconvene into Open Session – Time is 8:45 p.m.


Motion to adjourn by Lauterborn. Seconded by Hull. Motion carried. Time is 8:46 p.m.

Respectfully submitted for approval by,



Lynn Kauzlaric, Clerk


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