TB Minutes Sept 10, 2013



The meeting was called to order by Chairman Hull at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Office. Roll call was taken with Hull, Uecke, Lauterborn and Kauzlaric present, as well as 9 in attendance. The agenda was posted on September 6, 2013. Motion to approve the agenda by Lauterborn. Seconded by Uecke. Motion carried. The Pledge of Allegiance is said.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Kauzlaric with bank statements available for review. Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by Hull. Seconded by Uecke. Motion carried. 

Minutes of the Town Board meeting held August 13, 2013 were available for review. Motion to accept minutes by Uecke. Seconded by Lauterborn. Motion carried.

Budget Amendments – none at this time.

Disbursements were available for all to review; checks #21108 to and including #21150 for disbursement of $41,954.87, which includes auto withdrawal of payroll taxes; plus late checks #21151 to #21154 for $1,035.16 for a total disbursement of $42,990.03. Motion to approve by Lauterborn. Seconded by Uecke. Motion carried.

Ambulance Report –meeting to be held later this month. No motions are entertained.

Fire Department Report – report given by Chief Harkema with 2 searches conducted (lost fisherman and 3 missing boys in Townsend); MABAS call to Townsend; total of 5 calls in August. No motions are entertained.

Humane Officer Report is given by Humane Officer Bubb with 14 calls for the month of August. No motions are entertained.

Cemetery Report – Sup. Uecke discussed items from the Fall Cemetery Meeting held September 9th which included wind damage/trees down; a few tress that need to be professional removed; same budget request to 3 towns for 2014 (which includes money for capital fund); excessive damage from snow plowing expenses were tracked and estimated to be $400 – $500 for materials and wages; discussion as to who should be responsible for damage expenses as other 2 Towns do not believe it should be their expense; Sup. Uecke will get total expenses from Cemetery Sexton for next meeting. No motions are entertained.

Planning Commission Report – No Meeting.

6 Town Board Meeting Discussion – meeting to be held September 25th at Mountain Community Center. No motions are entertained.

Communication File is reviewed and list is signed.

Plat Survey N. Anderson Lake Area – Mark Teuteberg from Oconto County presented a Draft copy of a Purchase of Services Agreement that would be used for the Survey process; he discussed procedures if the Town Board would want to proceed with the Plat Survey with the area he felt was in question as an Appendix to the Draft Agreement; Mark is currently assisting 2 other Towns with this process; he stated Public Hearing should be held and some Towns have held this prior to the Town Board Meeting; property owners are notified of Public Hearing with bids from Surveyor’s opened and awarded at the Public Hearing; cost of survey is billed to property owners based on assessed value of land. Motion that we should go forward on Anderson Lake Area by Lauterborn. Seconded by Hull. Motion carried. Public Hearing date set for Tuesday, November 12th at 6:00 p.m. with notices to be sent to property owners and published.

Requests for exemption to ride ATV/UTV in ditch State /County Highway – Chairman Hull discussed that property owners have inquired about getting an exemption to ride the ditch on State Hwy 32/64 (Pavlat to Weller Road; Section 4 to Sparkys Road), State Hwy 32 (Lakeside Drive to Leo’s Road), and County Hwy W (Whiffen to McComb Lake Road) to have trail access; this type of request must be made from the Town Board to the WI DOT and County Highway Commission with maps of the requested areas for their discussion; public comment gave another suggestion for Lakeside Drive should WI DOT deny access. Motion to send letter to State and County about access to roads listed by Lauterborn. Seconded by Uecke. Motion carried.

Local Road Certification – road map reviewed by Town Board members; discussed that Jack Pine and Daisy Lane are wrong on the map, which was to be corrected by Forestry when Hwy 64 construction was completed and this change was made; Forestry is aware of the issue. Motion to accept map by Hull. Seconded by Uecke. Motion carried.

Town Assessor Contract Renewal – new contract was available for Board Members review; Chairman Hull discussed that 3 year contract has an increase by $800 per year due to increased costs related to software/hardware upgrades required for electronic records requirements. Motion that we renew the contract with increase by Uecke. Seconded by Lauterborn.  Motion carried.

Crime Stoppers of Oconto County, Inc. Donation request – letter received reviewed by Board Members; discussion relating to inquire with other 5 towns at 6 Town Board meeting regarding any donations possibly made by them. Tabled until after 6 Town Board Meeting.

Hearing of the People brought about concerns relating to road work this year, request to review Draft Purchase of Services Agreement presented by Mark Teuteberg.

LRIP Meeting Wednesday, September 11th 6:30 p.m. @ Town of How Town Hall
Road Crew Meeting Wednesday, September 18th 7:00 a.m. @ Town Office
MABA Meeting Thursday, September 19th 6:30 p.m. @ Schoolhouse
Budget Workshop Tuesday, September 24th 6:00 p.m. @ Town Office
6 Town Board Meeting Wednesday, September 25th 6:30 p.m. @ Mountain Community Ctr
Mountain Ambulance Commission Mtg Thursday, Sept 26th 6:30 p.m. @ Ambulance
Planning Commission MONDAY, September 30th 7:00 p.m. @ Town Office
Town Board Meeting MONDAY, October 7th 7:00 p.m. @ Town Office

Motion to adjourn by Hull. Seconded by Lauterborn. Motion carried. Time is 7:54 p.m.

Respectfully submitted for approval by,

Lynn Kauzlaric, Clerk

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